Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Four Eyes

I've lost my glasses. My good glasses. Well let me qualify that, they're my Debby Burk Optical glasses. I'm my own optomotrist, opthomologist, whatever... Most of the time I get my glasses from Dr. Wal-mart (not to be confused with the actual optical doctor inside many Wal-mart Supercenters), or Dr. Eckerd or Dr. CVS or Dr. Walgreens. Right off the rack. In my younger days, I was a mere +1.25, whatever that is. Actually I guess it is the magnification power. Now Debby Burk Optical has me up to +2.00 and I'm considering a +2.25 to replace the good, lost ones. I have tons of glasses all over the house and in my purse in different magnification modes. I cannot read a thing without glasses. I have red glasses and blue glasses, brown glasses, faux tortoise shell glasses...I'm a regular Donna Karan of glasses. Once they stop working well I move on to a better pair. The computer is ruining my eyesight. But I do love computers. It's kind of exciting putting a pair of glasses on, you never know how hard you'll have to strain depending on the pair of glasses you pick up.

So I lost the good (as in strongest magnification and most flattering that four eyes can be) blue ones that I bought at Debby Burk Optical, the fashion guru of glasses. Glasses are one of the first things that forces you to face your mortality if you've had 20/20 vision all of your life (and I did). I used to pride myself on my super eyesight. I could find a cotter pin in the grass from 20 feet. And then one day I had to keep blinking and focusing and re-focusing...and it went downhill from there. I'm hoping my seeing eye dog will get me the long covetted handicapped sticker that I have wanted to attain all of my life - front door parking.

And there are times that my glasses are so dirty and smudged that I don't know how I see out of them. I'll get a kleenex and rub them and all I do is move the smudge around. Jim has worn prescriptions glasses all of his life and cleans them with special spray he gets from the eye doctor, and sure enough he cannot see any better than I do. Two old people, leading each other around in the dark...tsk, tsk tsk.

On a more serious note, Jim and I walked downtown today. Lately, we have been walking the golf course or in our neighborhood. But part of our downtown walk includes Mansfield cemetery. Tomorrow, I truly cannot believe it has been this long, is the five-year anniversary of Big Albo's death. We miss him, we miss Alice. May they both be happy in heaven with Jesus and God.

And I give a nod and a prayer to the Calvert family. We stopped at Marjorie's grave and she died six years ago today. Oh, she is missed terribly also. What a warm and friendly soul she was. Rest in peace Marje.

Ruffinism for today: The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. - Bible, Matthew (ch. VI, v. 22)

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